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LBRN Works In Progress

LBRN Works In Progress

Event Date: multiple dates: see When and Where Section

Deadline: multiple deadlines: see When and Where Section

Location: multiple locations: see When and Where Section

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The Work In Progress Seminars are presentations by LBRN PI's where they present their research progress and have an opportunity for input from their peers and mentors in a collaborative setting.

When & Where

Please check emailed information regarding remote attendance. If using a local video conferencing room, check for ViewMe capabilities and be sure to check with your local room support for their rules for advance notification, support, and booking.


Fall 2018 Works-In-Progress Schedule:

November 30th Friday 12:00 - 1:30 pm

      Paul Kim (GSU) “Mechanisms underlying nonalcoholic fatty liver disease”> (12:00–12:30pm)
      William Yu (LSUS) “Medical Imaging by Enhanced Fluorescent Nanoclusters” (12:30–1:00pm)
      April Wright (SELU) “Implementing a Dirichlet process for modeling complex biological data” (1:00–1:15pm)
      Georgios Matthaiolampakis (ULM) “Novel Gene Delivery System and miRNA treatment against Pancreatic Cancer” (1:15–1:30pm)

December 7th Friday 12:00–1:30 pm

      Xiaoping Yi (SUBR) “Apoptosis pathway induced by RES and anticancer drug in 3D culture of prostate cancer cells”. (12:00–12:30pm)
      Matthew Talbert (ULM) “Diet induced obesity in flies: a genomic search for modifiers of pathogenesis” (12:30–1:00pm)
      Jean Christopher Chamcheu (ULM) “Validation of the role of PI3K/AKT/mTOR Signaling in psoriasis and its targeting by fisetin” (1:00–1:15pm)
      Lidiya Dubystka (SUBR) “Legionella pneumophilia T4SS (lvh) system and its role in virulence.” (1:15–1:30pm)

December 13th Thursday 12:00–1:45pm (rescheduled from Friday)

      Anup Kundu (XULA) “Formulation of a targeted nanoparticle system for the treatment of breast cancer” (12:00–12:30pm)
      Waneene Dorsey (GSU) “Role and Regulation of Autophagy during Pentachlorophenol Exposure” (12:30–1:00pm)
      Kun Zhang from (XULA) “Detecting Race-Relevant Molecular Biomarkers with Clinical Utilities Using Multi- Omics Data Across Tumor Types” (1:00–1:30pm)
      Galina Goloverda (XULA) “Toward development of a novel cancer diagnostic tool” (1:30–1:45pm)

We have allowed 30 minutes in total for each Full Project including discussion (20-25 min for the talk and 5-10 minutes for discussion). Please tailor your presentation accordingly. Pilot Projects will have a total of 15 minutes (11 minute talk and 4 minutes for discussion)

  • Project Title
    • Mentee
    • Name and Institution
    • Mentors
    • Name and Institution
  • Please give a brief overview of your project.
  • Overall Goals and Specific Aims of your project
    • Hypotheses investigated since the last presenation
    • Summary: Experimental Approach/Results (2-3 Slides)
    • Brief summary of Experimental approach/es and results accomplished since last presentation
    • Impediments & Solutions
    • Did you encounter any impediments in accomplishing your project? If so, what steps did you take to overcome this?
    • Next Steps
    • What are the next steps in your research?
  • Project progress
    • Summarize measurable accomplishments such as papers, abstracts, grants submitted or funded, and students trained.
    • Address how does this fit within the overall time line for the project.
    • Acknowledgements
    • Acknowledgements (Grant acknowledgement template is here:

Here are some presentation templates ( You can always make up your own.