Louisiana Biomedical Research Network

Poster Boards

Posterboard Photo with Students
Posterboards set up
Zoomed in Posterboard Setup
We are no longer carry poster boards. Please contact to LSU Biology Department.

LBRN Poster Boards we make available by request when we're not using them ourselves. They're an A-frame construction that we hand-made out of foam core sheets folded in half, duct tape, and black felt fabric.

They're 4 foot x 4 foot on a side (double sided) and sitting on a table, make a pretty nice way of presenting posters. Generally 3'x4' posters fit great on these (tall or wide).

Note: only hook side velcro should be placed on the back of the posters to adhere them to these boards. NO clips, pins, tape, etc. nothing else at all should be placed on these boards to put up posters.

Please fill out the request form and someone will get back to you with the details for your picking up the boards and returning them.