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Annual Meeting

January 26 — 28, 2018


ALL DEADLINES January 5th, 2018

Annual Meeting

January 26 — 28, 2018

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Each year the LBRN program has an annual meeting in which program participants, committee members and administrators meet to review individual research accomplishments and to discuss the overall program activity. Summer research faculty and graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to present their LBRN sponsored research, and talks are scheduled to highlight sponsored research projects from partnered campuses across the state.

Oral Presenters: INBRE Full Project PIs and invited guests.

Poster Sessions: Pilot, Translational, and Startup Project PIs, 2017 LBRN Summer Faculty, and Graduate Students are required to submit an abstract to participate in the poster session. LBRN Undergraduate Summer students are also invited to participate. Poster abstract submission form will be sent after your registration.

When & Where

This year's meeting is being held on January 26 - January 28, 2018 in Shreveport, Louisiana at the LSU Health Science Center.


1501 Kings Hwy, Shreveport, LA 71103


parking map
  • Parking lots B, D and L will be open Saturday and Sunday and available for attendees to park
  • It will be able to park in the lot next to the BRI building starting late Thursday afternoon, as well as on Friday


  • Registration: January 5, 2018
  • Presentation & Poster Abstract Submission: January 5, 2018
  • hotel: January 5, 2018


Download the 2018 Annual Meeting Agenda HERE

LBRN Annual Meeting Tour of the core facilities at LSUHSC-S

We are inviting LBRN Steering Committee Members and Core Liaisons:

Dr. Chris Kevil at LSUHSC-S has graciously offered to arrange a tour of the core laboratories at LSUHSC-S on Friday January 26th from 1:30pm to 3:15pm. All Steering Committee members, Core Directors, and Liaisons are welcome to join the tour. They have reserved parking spaces for the group. All who are interested in attending the tour should contact to Dr. Ramesh Subramanian( by the end of the Thursday. Please be at the Atrium by 1:25pm on Friday for the tour. The directions and parking map is attached. Here below is the information regarding the tour as provided by Ms. Debbie Crafts, Administrative Assistant to Dr. Kevil.

"I’ve contact UPD and asked them to reserve the space (please see the parking map for the BRI Curb) for your group Friday, Jan. 26th beginning about 1-1:15 pm."

Listed below are the labs Dr. Kevil has arranged for the group to tour beginning at 1:30 pm and ending ~ 3:15 pm; each lab tour should be ~ 25 minutes in length:

  • RC Facility – Dr. Chervenak or his designee (BRI 6th floor, F6-12)
  • INLET Core Facility – Jennifer Carroll (BRI 2nd floor, F2-14-15; 7th floor- 7-339)
  • CCDS – Small Animal Phenotype Core – Dr. Stokes/Ron (Research Core tech-Rm. 4-341)
  • Small Animal Imaging Core – Dr. Gavins – (BRI 3rd floor, F3-23)"

Lodging & Expenses

Confirm your participation in the LBRN 16th Annual Meeting by registering. Registration is required to participate in the program, obtain hotel lodging if needed, provide meeting space, materials, food and beverage at all the planned functions. Hotel reservation information and abstract submission forms for the Poster and Oral presentations will be provided with your online event registration. We look forward to your participation at the meeting!

This year’s event is being held in Shreveport, Louisiana at the LSU Health Science Center.

If for any reason that you need to cancel your registration or if you have any questions, please contact Ms. Alexis White,

Hotel Reservation is indicated with your online event registration. Do not book your hotel through Hilton. Please register for the conference and select if you require a room. Use the link in your confirmation email to reserve a room.

Note: after the deadline you will not be able to receive the discounted hotel group rate.

Covered Expenses

For Shreveport Residents

No reimbursement for hotel or mileage.

For Non-Shreveport Employees and Students

If driving personal vehicle:

Provide time/date leaving and returning to your residence/school. Also provide odometer beginning/end or mileage map calculation for mileage justification for a mileage reimbursement at 53 cents per mile. Note: Mileage reimbursement not to exceed a maximum of 200 miles (total round trip mileage). If you are going to be driving more than 100 miles you may want to consider renting a vehicle.

If driving a university owned vehicle:

Please follow department's policies and procedures. If an account code is required, please contact Ms. Alexis White at

If renting a vehicle:

First send Ms. Alexis White,, an email for request for vehicle rental for travel reimbursement purposes. Then contact your travel agent or Enterprise Rent-A-Car for vehicle rental and have it charged to your personal credit card. Insurance is not reimbursable for domestic travel. Keep all your receipts along with gas receipts for travel reimbursements request. Please use the state contracted rates for Enterprise.


— Vehicle Rental Size

Only the cost of rental of compact or mid-size/intermediate model is reimbursable, unless 1) non-availability is documented, 2) the vehicle will be used to transport more than two individuals.

— Gasoline (receipts required)

Reimbursements require a receipt for regular unleaded gasoline, or diesel when applicable only to the driver renting the vehicle.

— Insurance for Vehicle Rentals

Insurance billed by vehicle rental companies (i.e., CDW or LDW) is not reimbursable for domestic travel.

* Personal Accident Insurance, Supplemental Liability Protection and Roadside Assistance is not reimbursable.

For graduate and undergraduate students to qualify for reimbursement, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must present a poster
  • If not presenting, must be listed on the research of someone presenting
  • Must attend one of the PUI campuses below and have approval by the LBRN Steering Committee member at the corresponding institution
    • Grambling State University: Dr. Connie Walton
    • Louisiana State University Shreveport: Dr. Urska Cvek
    • Louisiana Tech: Dr. Bill Campbell
    • Southeastern Louisiana University: Dr. Dan McCarthy
    • Southern University of Baton Rouge: Dr. Patrick Mensah
    • University of Louisiana Monroe: Dr. Ann Findley
    • Xavier University: Dr. Tom Wiese


    To obtain a room, you must register for the event by the deadline. You must reserve a room using the link in your registration confirmation. Incidentals are the participant's responsibility.

    Internet at LSUHSC-Shreveport:

    Internet will be available at LSUHSC. Provided for Conference/Ballrooms.


Poster Presentations

INBRE Full Project PIs and Pilot Project PIs, 2016 LBRN Summer Faculty, Graduate and Undergraduate Students, INBRE funded students, and other biomedical researchers in the state are required or invited (as appropriate) to submit an abstract to participate in the LBRN Poster Session beginning on Saturday, January 28, 2017.

  • Velcro hooks, placed on the back of the poster, are needed for poster display setup - they will be provided at registration.
  • Poster size may be up to 4 ft wide X 4 ft. tall.
  • Abstracts for the poster presentations will be printed in the program.
  • Deadline for poster abstract submission January 4, 2017.
  • The poster abstract cannot exceed 2000 characters.
  • Please avoid using scientific notation and special characters in your abstract.
  • The abstract submission form will be emailed to you after your event registration has been completed.

Oral Presentations

Selected LBRN INBRE Project PIs are required to submit an abstract for his/her research presentation for Saturday, January 27, 2018. The oral presentation abstract submission form is emailed to Full Project PI's (make sure to select proper title! in registration form!). The abstract cannot exceed 2000 characters. Abstracts for research presentations will be printed in the LBRN 16th Annual Meeting Program.

Deadline for all the Full Project oral presentation abstract submissions is January 12, 2018 (extended from 5th)- the link is emailed with the online event registration.

Oral Research Presenter Guidelines

Below are the details for your oral presentations (please see the agenda for the assigned time) at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, January 27, 2018. The Full project PI's are invited to give a 20 minute presentation highlighting the progress of their LBRN research project during the past year. As indicated, in the suggested presentation outline below, this presentation is different from a presentation normally made at a research meeting and must be designed to summarize your project and what has been acomplished during the past summer. After the presentations, the Full Project PI's will have an opportunity to meet with the LBRN EAC regarding their research project.

The research presentation should include the following:

Project Title (1 Slide)

  • Mentee
  • Name and Institution
  • Mentor
  • Name and Institution

Goals (1-2 Slides)

Overall Goals and Specific Aims of your project

Hypotheses (1 Slide)

Hypotheses investigated during the past 12 months

Summary: Experimental Approach/Results (2-3 Slides)

Brief summary of Experimental approach/es and results accomplished during the past 12 months

Impediments & Solutions (1 Slide)

Did you encounter any impediments in accomplishing your project? If so, what steps did you take to overcome this?

Next Steps (1-2 Slides)

What are the next steps in your research?

Project progress (1 Slide)

Summarize measurable accomplishments such as papers, abstracts, grants submitted or funded, and students trained. Address how does this fit within the overall time line for the project.

Future (optional slides)

How your project will lead into the area of Clinical Translational Research and Community Based Participatory Research?

Acknowledgements (1 slide)


In order for us to be on schedule, we ask that you do not exceed the number of slides listed or the time allotted for your presentation since you will need time for questions and answers.

Presentation Requirements

  • Note the type of platform and file type you are sending (i.e. Windows/Powerpoint, OS X (Mac)/Powerpoint, OS X (Mac)/Keynote, etc.)
  • Include any images/movies/etc. into the presentation file (i.e. make sure they are embedded if you referenced external files).
  • Use the standard typefaces on your system. We will be using a single laptop to do all the presentations in the interest of saving time for the presentations.
  • The deadline to have the slides is Friday, January 26, 2018 at registration.
  • An emailed link will be provided to upload your presentation.

Sample templates for the oral presentation can be found HERE

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Alexis White,

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