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Undergrad Scholarship Program

Existing LBRN Summer Program Undergraduate participants who have completed fewer than 60 total semester credit hours as of May 2017 are eligible to participate in the LBRN Undergraduate Scholars Program following completion of the Summer Research Program.

This program will provide a more extensive research experience by allowing existing summer program participants to extend their summer program participation into the academic year at their mentoring laboratory or home PUI campus. Students would be paid for working up to 10 hours per week in a research lab during the fall and spring semesters for a total of 30 weeks at a rate of $8/hr, up to 10 hours per week, not to exceed $2,400. Up to $1,000 will be available to help support laboratory supplies for the research. In the case where the student attends a PUI campus close to their mentoring institution for the summer can continue to work on the research they began during the summer. Students who elect to work at their home campus, that is not near a mentoring institution, will require a research mentor on their campus and and outline a potential project. There are two options to this program:

Option 1: Academic-year extension on a Biomedical Research Intensive (BRI) campus.

This option is open to students who demonstrate that they will continue to make regular progress toward their degree while pursuing the research opportunity. Because of the proximity of many of our PUI institutions to research campuses, there are opportunities for many students, i.e. Xavier students working at Tulane or LSUHSC-NO, LSU-S students working at LSUHSC-S, etc. to continue their summer research project on the BRI campus.

Option 2: Academic year extension on home PUI campus.

Students will need to identify an appropriate research mentor on their campus and outline a potential project for the following academic year. Ideally this project would involve studying a question related to nd/or using technologies similar to their summer research experience. This option allows students from PUI campuses that are not geographically close to a research campus the option for extending their research experience.

Application for Undergraduate Scholarship Program

Participants who are eligible will automatically receive an application link near the end of their participation in the current summer research program. Eligibility will depend on the mentor who agrees to continue the program with the eligible student and meeting the requirements as outlined above.

Required Documentation:

A letter of support from the mentor with the following:

Option 2 only: The Mentor’s CV in addition to the letter of support.

Application Deadline: September 19, 2017.

Application review and acceptance with rolling deadline to begin August 18, 2017 with complete applications.