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Cory Coehoorn

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Louisiana State University Shreveport

Project Title

Impact of rapid heat acquisition on neural function, decision-making, stress, and inflammation.


Elizabeth Disbrow, Louisiana State University Health Shreveport, Director of Center for Brain Health

Funding Period

Pilot Project (May 1, 2022 - April 30, 2023)


The purpose of the proposed study is to examine the impact of rapid heat acquisition (RHA) on neural function, decision-making, stress response, and inflammatory response. RHA is characterized as a rate of core temperature increase during exercise above that which would occur in normothermic conditions. In our previous research [Coehoorn et al., 2020], we found RHA to equate to an increase of 0.04°C/min, while normothermic conditions resulted in 0.02°C/min. Our previous research [Service et al., 2019; Coehoorn et al., 2020] also found that RHA resulted in a decreased neural response (theta power), increased decision-making errors, and increased stress response immediately following exposure to RHA. A key question that remains to be answered is, what is the duration of these RHA effects post-exposure, and what are the effects of multiple exposures? If a bout of RHA leads to perturbations 24 - 48 hours post-exposure, then acute or multiple bouts of RHA may lead to a chronic response.