Louisiana Biomedical Research Network

Daniel Barnes

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Southeastern Louisiana University

Project Title

Kinetic Analysis of the Impact of LDH on Cancer and HGPRT Inhibition for Malaria

Funding Period

Startup Project (May 1, 2019 - April 30, 2021)


The key to understanding the core of human health is in understanding the enzymatic mechanisms that underlie illnesses. This proposal seeks the resources to establish research projects aimed at key enzymes in the development of cancer and Malaria. By constructing bacterial hosts for the expression of human enzymes responsible, information regarding differential inhibitors can be uncovered. The expression vectors and hosts constructed through this project will contribute a sustainable supply of enzymes for research as well as provide the potential for mutational analysis of the expressed proteins. Additionally, protein isolation and characterization are excellent tools for instructing undergraduate students in research methodologies and critical thinking skills. Through the LBRN, the PI and students will be able to collaborate with researchers throughout the region and continue to grow through the network.