Louisiana Biomedical Research Network

LBRN announces the following funding opportunities for Network PUI participants

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, November 25, 2022, Midnight.

Dear LBRN Community,

The purpose of these RFAs is to solicit new projects for the LBRN program. The expected start date for projects is May 1, 2023. Pilot, translational, and instrumentation funding are eligible for 1 year of funding through April 30, 2024. Funding for Investigators eligible for Start-up funds is available for 2 years. The selection and distribution of these projects by the Steering Committee will be based on the quality of the proposal and the needs of the LBRN program. Proposed projects should be consistent with the program’s focal research areas (listed below). All interested researchers are encouraged to contact Dr. Brent Stanfield prior to submitting a proposal to ensure that the proposed research is eligible for inclusion in this program. In addition, projects are encouraged to involve LBRN core facilities. Applicants should contact their institution’s LBRN core liaison officer prior to submission for input regarding core involvement. IACUC and IRB approvals will be required after notification of selection of projects for funding. No funding will be allocated unless all necessary compliance issues are resolved.

Computational & Structural Biology

This area includes themes, for example, bioinformatics, development of new computational approaches to solving significant bio-medical questions, biological modeling or investigations of molecular structure.

Molecular Mechanism of Disease

This area includes investigations focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms of significant human diseases, including, but not restricted to cancer, metabolic disorders, and infectious diseases.

Preventive Medicine

This area includes basic research important in the prevention of major human diseases. Research topics might include work such as the development vaccines, tissue engineering, drugs or new diagnostic tests.

Proposals may be submitted under the mechanisms listed below:

•  Requesting Proposals for LBRN Pilot Research Project - 2023-2024
•  Requesting Proposals for LBRN Instrumentation Funds 2023-2024
•  Requesting Proposals for LBRN Start-up Funds 2023-2025
•  Requesting Proposals for Translational Science Projects 2023-2024

Please go to Proposal Link for details on each Project: