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LBRN Omics LOGIC Bioinformatics Training

LBRN Omics LOGIC Bioinformatics Training

Omics LOGIC Bioinformatics Training has been developed by Pine Biotech to give students access to basic introductory to advanced analytical bioinformatics courses. The training is available through an online platform. The training is modeled after undergraduate and graduate course topics at LSU, Georgetown University Medical Center and other universities and was designed by faculty and researchers at the Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center.

Participation of a limited number of approved LBRN students is underwritten by LBRN and the Laszio N. Tauber Foundation in support of bioinformatics for the Division of Biotechnology & Molecular Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, Louisiana State University.

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This online training is your opportunity to master BIOINFORMATICS as a supplement to other coursework and receive a certificate of Completion. Bioinformatics is a discipline that combines Mathematics, Computer Science and Biology.

By applying for this program, you will gain access to OMICS LOGIC resources on a monthly subscription which provides access to 12 online courses that cover various domains of Big Data Bioinformatics. The same license also enables participants to access the AI guided and user-friendly T-BioInfo platform for hands-on analytical experience and practice.

Many of the courses are introductory and are suited for undergraduate students that are interested to learn about the impact of Big Data and High-throughput Experiments across Life Science Domains, including Biomedical Research, Biotechnology and Agro-biological Studies. The coursework will be effective for students pursuing undergraduate life sciences degrees and pre-medical students.

The world of big data is constantly changing as technologies to generate new data open new perspectives for molecular precision and detail in life sciences. This exponential growth in knowledge is accompanied with the need for scientist from all backgrounds to find ways to integrate these concepts to their own research studies and allow them to identify new, meaningful information with either new or old data. This training and associated research resources help students and scientist of all backgrounds to leverage big OMICS data in an efficient way. Many students have applied the learned skills to develop independent research projects after completing this training.

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