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2019 LBRN-BioMMED Illumina Training

2019 LBRN-BioMMED Illumina Training

LBRN/BioMMED is having a 3-day Illumina training schedule that will begin on Tuesday, August 27th (Day 1 on the schedule), Wednesday, August 28th (Day 2), and Thursday, August 29th (Day 3). This training is provided by Illumina for the newly acquired MiSeq and NextSeq sequencing instruments. The sessions (shaded in Blue and Gray) are the ones that will occur in the conference room, SVM 3502, beginning at 9:15am. Seating is limited, and we will do our best to accommodate everyone. The sessions shaded in Purple will be done within the sequencing lab and only be attended by GeneLab sequencing personnel.

We encourage those invited who are interested in attending the general sessions to watch Illumina’s 5 minute video introduction to Sequencing By Synthesis:

This gives an excellent overview of the technology and a good starting point for the rest of the training material. Illumina also has many additional resources (videos and information documents) on their sequencing portal of their website:

The more familiar you are with the technology before training, the more you will get from it. Knowing more about the process will allow you to ask more directed questions to the Illumina trainer.