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LBRN - Pine Biotech Fall/Winter Bioinformatics Orientation and Courses

LBRN - Pine Biotech Fall/Winter Bioinformatics Orientation and Courses

We are pleased to announce the CCT/LBRN - Pine Biotech Fall/Winter Bioinformatics course for LSU/LBRN Network institutions Students, Grad and Undergrad, PostDocs and Faculty members. In preparation for this Course an Orientation session was held on Monday October 22nd, 2018 from 10am - 12 pm at LSU CCT. Video and Opt-In links see the Full Story:

Orientation video:

Opt-in information link:

The session was available via Vibe (formerly ViewMe) Video conferencing software and on-site at Conference room# 1034 at Center for Computation & Technology, LSU, 340 E Parker Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70808.

The session gives an outline of the courses that will be offered during the Fall/Summer session, and timeline for the various modules and interactive sessions. Faculty/Students/post docs will have 1 week to then decide to register for the course by October 29th, 2018. LSUCCT will support 50 site licenses in total. Students, post docs and faculty are encouraged to attend this orientation session on Monday October 22nd, and avail this excellent opportunity to get trained in Bioinformatics.

Some of the modules offered in the Fall/Winter course are listed below. 

We plan to add one or two more courses to this list. We look forward to your interest, support will be limited by the number licenses supported by LBRN and CCT.