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Managing Stress Seminar

Managing Stress Seminar

July, 11 2018

Taking place on July 17 at LSU Digital Media Center at the Center for Computation and Technology room DMC 1008B. We would like to invite all REU programs to the talk next week on “Managing Stress” by Dr. Le and Ms. Tucker from LSU Mental Health Service.

Stress is a normal part of our daily lives. An appropriate level of distress can be motivating and increase productivity. However, when we consistently experience high stress over time, it can negatively impact psychological and physical health. This presentation will focus on ways to become stress resilient. Ways to recognize the warning signs of distress and strategies to reduce distress will be discuss. We will also talk about ways to increase stress resilience.

If you are not with the REU programs, you are welcome please RSVP to Juana Moreno that you are attending in case we need a larger space.