Computational Biology Seminar Series for Undergraduates

Sponsored by the LSU College of Science, the Department of Biological Sciences, the Center for Computation & Technology and the Louisiana Biomedical Research Network

A refreshing look at the binomial cornerstone to computational biology


The binomial will be introduced and represented in an interesting, thought-provoking, and playful context that links to biological examples related to Hardy-Weinberg, cancer remission, and why many of us take an aspirin every day.


Brian D. Marx is Professor in the Department of Experimental Statistics at LSU. His main research interests include P-spline smoothing, ill-conditioned regression problems, high-dimensional chemometric applications, and he has numerous publications on these topics as well as is the co-author of two books. Brian is currently serving as coordinating editor for the journal Statistical Modelling and is past chair of the Statistical Modelling Society. He has also taught as a visiting professor at Stanford University, University of Munich, and Utrecht University.

Dr. Brian D. Marx

Department of Experimental Statistics, Louisiana State University