Computational Biology Seminar Series for Undergraduates

Sponsored by the Department of Biological Sciences and the Center for Computation & Technology

Drug Prediction, Human Genome Project, and more: the intersection of biology and data science


Data science transforms data into useful information. Many advancements in biology would have been unattainable without the foundations of data science: statistics, mathematics, and/or computer science. For example, there would be no human genome project without the use of computer-based analysis. Such analysis is essential in my own research on protein-drug binding sites, where traversing tens of thousands of protein-models is commonplace. In this presentation, I argue that the intersection of biology and data science has always been essential for interpreting the immense, complexities of biology. Additionally, I present research on large-scale drug prediction, a case study involving a cancer drug, and what the future of computational biology looks like.


Jeffrey Lemoine is currently a junior undergraduate at LSU majoring in Biochemistry and Computer Science concentrating in data science and analytics. He is an undergraduate researcher in LSU's Computational System's Biology Group where he studies protein drug-binding sites and aids in the development of binding site prediction software.

Jeffrey Lemoine

Louisiana State University | Data Science and Analytics

Junior Undergraduate