Computational Biology Seminar Series for Undergraduates

Sponsored by the Department of Biological Sciences and the Center for Computation & Technology

How in the world did I get here? From the field to the computer and back again.


I began my research life as field biologist/wildlife ecologist working with endangered birds across the Southeast. After roughly 20 years of moving through increasingly computational positions, I recently started a new position as an Assistant Professor of Computational Biology at LSU. I'll discuss how my research led me from the field, to the lab, to the (super-)computer and back again. Throughout the talk, I'll discuss my work and how computational analyses play a significant part in what I do, and I'll offer several suggestions for biology students to become more computationally literate and for computer science students to become more biologically literate.


Brant Faircloth is an Assistant Professor of Computational Biology at Louisiana State University. His research focuses on understanding the causes and consequences of genetic diversity in a variety of non-model organisms, and his laboratory uses molecular and computation techniques to address questions in this area.

Brant Faircloth

LSU Department of Biological Sciences

Assistant Professor