The 5th Annual LA Conference on Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

April 7 & 8, 2017 at Xavier Convocation Center Annex

Covered Expenses

As in previous years, participation (including travel and lodging) will be supported for LBRN faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and core members. Other organization members should contact their organization regarding expenses.
For faculty and students or anyone who are living in the New Orleans area:
  • No reimbursement for hotel or mileage.
For LBRN participants and students:
  • If driving personal vehicle:
    Provide time/date leaving and returning to your residence/school. Also provide odometer beginning/end or mileage map calculation for mileage justification for a mileage reimbursement at 51 cents per mile. Note: Mileage reimbursement not to exceed a maximum of 99 miles (total round trip mileage). If you are going to be driving more than 99 miles you may want to consider renting a vehicle.

    If driving a university owned vehicle:
    Please follow department's policies and procedures. If an account code is required, please contact Ms. Alexis White at

    If renting a vehicle:
    First send Ms. Alexis White,, an email for request for vehicle rental for travel reimbursement purposes. Then contact your travel agent or Enterprise Rent-A-Car for vehicle rental and have it charged to your personal credit card. Insurance is not reimbursable for domestic travel. Keep all your receipts along with gas receipts for travel reimbursements request.
    Vehicle Rental Size
    Only the cost of rental of compact or mid-size/intermediate model is reimbursable, unless 1) non-availability is documented, 2) the vehicle will be used to transport more than two individuals.

    Gasoline (receipts required)
    Reimbursements require a receipt for regular unleaded gasoline, or diesel when applicable only to the driver renting the vehicle.

    Insurance for Vehicle Rentals
    Insurance billed by vehicle rental companies (i.e., CDW or LDW) is not reimbursable for domestic travel.

    * Personal Accident Insurance, Supplemental Liability Protection and Roadside Assistance is not reimbursable.

  1. First, register for the workshop. If lodging is needed please indicate on the registration form. Hotel information is forthcoming/TBD.