Summer Research 2017 Tuesday Seminars

Summer Research 2017 Tuesdays

Research seminars for the LBRN 2017 Summer Research Program are underway for faculty, graduate, and undergraduates being held at LSU Life Sciences Annex Auditorium Room A101 and also available at select sites via ViewMe Client - use meeting alias "LBRN-SummerResearch


First seminar today from 9 to 10am, June 6, 2017:

Dr. Gus Kousoulas: “Engineering a Herpes Simplex Virus Unable to Enter into Neuronal Axons for Vaccine and Cancer Therapies”

Second seminar today from 10 to 11am, June 6, 2017:

Dr. Marcia Newcomer: "A molecular view of how essential fatty acids are mobilized for our defense Structural Biology of Lipoxygenases"